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Two Dance Floor Values

1. Reading The Crowd

"What does the crowd want?" is the phrase constantly spinning in my head.

The goal is to keep people dancing, and the best way to do that is by keeping the crowd interested. Before your event, I work with you to figure out what music will be best for your guests, then at the event I am constantly watching your guests on the dance floor to see what music keeps them excited! This also means if I start a song and everybody leaves the dance floor, then I am switching to a new song as soon as possible.

2. Mixing

Having smooth transitions from song to song is one way to keep your guests excited. Silence between songs, or awkward jumps to new songs might make your guests want to leave the dance floor.  In the videos below, there are some examples of seamless transitions.  Sometimes at events 

I won't even play a song all the way through.  Changing songs more often is another great way to keep your guests out on the floor.

DJ Mike Bailey Weddings + Events

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